Thank God, That Other Woody Allen Movie About a Grown Man With a Crush on a Teenager Isn't Coming Out


Is it Christmas morning? Because suddenly we’re not getting new Woody Allen movies for awhile.

Page Six reports that Woody Allen’s movie A Rainy Day in New York has been indefinitely shelved by Amazon, which has a multi-film contract with Allen. The movie starring Timothée Chalamet and Selena Gomez reportedly included a storyline in which Jude Law (playing a 44-year-old character) flirts with Elle Fanning (playing a 15-year-old who says she’s 21.) A Page Six report from October 2017 reads:

In scenes just filmed, a character played by Rebecca Hall accuses 44-year-old actor Jude Law’s character of having sex with a 15-year-old “concubine.” In the scene, the so-called concubine — played by Elle Fanning (19 in real life) — acknowledges her relationship with Law’s much-older character, but then protests that she is 21 years old. After a discussion about his infidelity, Fanning’s character then asks Law, “Were all these women for pleasure, or were you researching a project?”

We definitely don’t need another (god, ANOTHER) Woody Allen project in which an older man has a crush on an underage girl and we definitely don’t need it now, given the resurgence of Dylan Farrow’s molestation allegations. Page Six also reports that Allen’s overall Amazon deal might be in jeopardy. Allen’s last movie Wonder Wheel suffered in the box office due to the allegations and bad press (several actors publicly apologized for working with him, with some even donating salaries to causes like Time’s Up.)

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