That's Enough, Tila Tequila


No, really. This interview is the last straw. Specifically:

“My girlfriend dies and everyone’s like, ‘Boohoo, ’cause you’re still where you are, so fuck you. Go kill yourself.’ Back in the day, no one said those type of things to me. They’d just say, ‘slut!'” She shakes her head. “I’ve learned that no matter what I do, people are going to have their opinions. If I talk about myself, they say, ‘You’re a self-centered bitch, what about Haiti, go donate some money.’ But if I say, ‘Hey, I’m starting a charity,’ they say, ‘If you really wanted to help you wouldn’t broadcast it to the world.'” She holds her stomach. “You know, sometimes I feel so dehydrated because I realize that I haven’t drank any water for like two months,” she says. “I need a Sunkist.”

Done with you.

Life After Casey: Tila Tequila Gets Her Highs Off of Twitter [NY Mag]

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