The Golden Age Of Girly Fitness: Get In Shape Girl And The Barbie Workout


If, like me, you were a wee child of the 80s, perhaps you remember the little-girl fitness videos that were all the rage. But was that Barbie workout the source of body anxiety to come? In hindsight, sure.

Feministing takes a look back at the seemingly innocuous VHS workouts of the 80s and sees how they might have been a problem. Yes, exercise is great for any kid — though perhaps not exercise led by an animated Barbie, the proportions of whom are, you know, ridiculous. I never jazzercized with Barbie, however, so I can’t speak to the specific effects of that visual. But Get In Shape Girl? — oh, now my poor, 6-year-old self dreamed of looking that good in a technicolor leotard.

Vintage Body Anxiety [Feministing]

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