The Latest Dance Craze Is 'Dance Crying'


We all know this feel. You’ve just been dumped/royally screwed over in the worst possible way and you’re pretty much ready to give up on living in society altogether. Except luckily you have a small army of awesome roommates who there to give you just what you need to beat the blues—an awesome night of clubbing on the town! Or are they?

Written by and starring Jenny Donheiser and Meagan Kensil, and featuring Arielle Siegel this latest installment from The Roomsies demonstrates a few things we already know: Your friends will get you drunker than you need to be exactly when you need to be that drunk and pretty much all post-breakup benders end up with you on the floor in a giant puddle of make-up smeared tears. Yeah. Like I said, we all know that feel.

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