The Niche Dramas We Couldn’t Stop Talking About in 2022

Random celebrity feuds, British WAGs feuds, athletes feuding with mascots: 2022 gave us so many lovely little dramas for us to discuss over happy hour.

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Photo: Getty Images

For everything the internet and social media takes from us (time, sleep, sanity) it truly gives us so much: infinite memes, funny little jokes we can send each other, and plenty of insight into dumb and random feuds that makes us feel better about the drama in our own lives.

These aren’t the entertainment stories that dominate the news cycles (there will be no mention of that movie)—these are the one-cycle stories that you chuckle at during their brief, sparkling moment in the glow of your iPhone light before they drift from your memory forever. In you missed any of the best ones, we’ve compiled the Jezebel staff’s favorite niche dramas from 2022 that had a chokehold on our brains.

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