The Niche Dramas We Couldn’t Stop Talking About in 2022

Random celebrity feuds, British WAGs feuds, athletes feuding with mascots: 2022 gave us so many lovely little dramas for us to discuss over happy hour.


Devin Booker vs. Toronto Raptors’ Mascot

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Devin Booker vs. Toronto Raptors’ Mascot
Photo: Getty Images

As I write this, it’s December, meaning the events of January feel like last year. Yet, I remember the feud—and subsequent reconciliation—between Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker and the Toronto Raptors’ dinosaur mascot as vividly as if it were yesterday. Allow me to set the scene: The Suns are up by just one point with 6.5 seconds left to play; Booker is at the free-throw line to potentially put his team up by an additional point. The stadium is empty due to Canada’s strict covid policies at the time, with the only Raptor fan in the building being the team mascot. And boy did he (she? they?) make a splash, jumping and flailing and waving behind the hoop to distract the Suns’ starter as he tried to score. Booker successfully made his free throw, but was visibly upset by the mascot and complained to the refs, who put the mascot in time-out.

The internet proceeded to go crazy, subjecting Booker to some well-deserved clowning that eventually prompted him to bury the hatchet with the dinosaur. Within a couple of days, Booker told reporters of him and the mascot: “We hashed it out. We’re homies now.” Shortly after that, Booker changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of the dinosaur. Who doesn’t love an enemies-to-lovers arc?? —Kylie Cheung

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