The Stars Chose Poorly At The People's Choice Awards


The People’s Choice Awards are like the Zagat of awards shows: you don’t really trust “the people,” but you’re willing to see what “they” “have” to “say.” Apparently the stars agree: their duds were awful.

The Good:

Marisa Tomei does bombshell like nobody’s business.

Can you say “regal?”

Hey, remember this look from the runways? Debra Messing takes it to reality without a ripple.

I guess this is part of Reese’s “new look,” but she looks as cleanly chic as always.

Wearying of the bandage dress, but if you gotta do it, Jessica Stroup shows how: Leger can innovate!

Dakota Fanning is proving to have a knack for age-appropriate and flattering looks at an age when a lot of young stars falter. How perfect is this color?

Jennie Garth looks demure in retro black, great accessories.

You feel like Robin Tunney just had this DVF in her closet: cute and recession-appropriate!

Malin Akerman is so cute and sassy; this casual dress is, too.

The Bad:

We came down hard on poor Nikki Cox earlier this week, but it must be said: the woman forgot her pants.

Stars tend to claim this sort of thing is “fun.” I hope Kate’s having some, cause we’re certainly not!

Jordin Sparks looks like a professional gift-wrap job gone horribly awry.

So, AnnaLynne McCord demonstrates what’s problematic about the bandage dress: for the most part, it feels as soulless and conveyor-belt as a Kate Spade bag.

Looks like these other two onlookers are also snarking on Paula Marshall’s weird tap shoes.

Jennifer Morrison: the Austrian government called. They want their Klimt back.

Teri Hatcher is eaten by a sinister bow monster wit evil ninja powers.

On the one hand, these soft colors are nice on Jewel. On the other, doesn’t it look like a cheap summer dress?

Paris Hilton’s vaguely grotesque babydoll kind of reminds me of the accordian-pleated dress Tib wears to dance the “Baby Dance.” You know, when Betsy and Tacy premiere the “Cat Duet?”

[Images via Getty]

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