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Listen to “Out Alpha The Alpha” by Megan Thee Stallion

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On this week’s episode of Las Culturistas, hosts Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers talk with Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, the writers and stars of Dicks: The Musical. Rogers, while talking about the reaction to the movie so far, brought up this anecdote: “You guys [Sharp and Jackson] said ‘We want Megan Thee Stallion winning an Oscar for her song ‘Out Alpha The Alpha’ in the film’ and I think I sent like 50 texts in a row...planning out a way that it can happen, because I do believe there’s a path forward.”

I also believe there’s a way for this to happen, so consider this my official endorsement. Go see Dicks this weekend (a perfect movie in which I literally left in pain from laughing so hard), then stream “Out Alpha The Alpha,” and also the entire Dicks soundtrack. I’m not sure how exactly we get them an Oscar nom but I really, really want to see them all win a gold statue for this song which includes the lyrics, “These men are fuckin’ dinosaurs about to be destroyed/And I’m the asteroid.” —LT

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