The Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party Looks: The Bold, Be-Feathered, and Basically Naked

Hollywood’s hottest star is Hunter Schafer’s bosom feather. Plus, Vanessa Hudgens' revenge dress and a ton of glitter.


Michelle Yeoh and Florence Pugh

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Michelle Yeoh and Florence Pugh
Photo: Doug Peters/PA Images (Getty Images)

After taking home the well-deserved Oscar for Best Actress, Yeoh rendezvoused with fellow icon and supportive hype girl Miss Flo on the carpet outside VF’s annual fête. Yeoh beamed cheese all the way into the after-party, where I hope she danced the night away and had a personal bottle of Veuve or two. Both of the actors swapped their earlier ensembles for more glitzed up—and in Flo’s case, puffed-up—outfits, and Yeoh was dripping in glitter, as she should have been!

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