The Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty Looks… Slapped

A note to the stylists for Zoë Kravitz, Janelle Monae, and Jessica Chastain: You've passed the test!!!

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Photo: Getty Images (Getty Images)

After the show, there’s the after party! On Sunday, the Hollywood Hills were alive with the sound of clickity-clacking as the stars marched over from the 2022 Oscars to the most coveted after party ticket in town: Vanity Fair’s annual Oscars party hosted by Radhika Jones.

While the Oscars red carpet was all about elegance and sternums, the Vanity Fair red carpet was more of a who’s who of cool girls. And they did indeed look very cool!!!

The VH party was also a shot at redemption from the Oscars red carpet, which several of our rich n’ famous friends very much needed. I’m disappointed to inform you that not too many celebs got this one wrong, so let’s join in celebrating these genetically and surgically perfected specimens.

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