There's always next year.


Apparently there were a lot of disappointed ladies in Britain yesterday, after claims that Viagra was going to be sold over the counter at drugstores proved a wee bit, well, premature, shall we say.

When the temporarily impaired lusty lads turned up to grab their little blue helper, it turned out that a spoilsport pharmacist insisted on booking them in for a consultation first. On Monday!

“Warehouseman Jim Dante, 49, said: ‘I’ve had a problem for a year now. Despite reports about it starting off on Valentine’s Day I can’t get any until Monday. I’d booked the day off. Now I must get an appointment.’
Pharmacist James Longden, 28, said: ‘We absolutely won’t be handing it to people who want to give their girlfriend a good time on Valentine’s Day. There is a protocol that involves taking the medical history.'”

In his spare time, Mr Longden enjoys drowning kittens and pulling the wings off butterflies.

[Lighten up, Longden!]

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