This Week In Meghan McCain Brings an Accidental Murder Threat, Some Racism Thoughts, and a Hint That She Reads Jezebel?


On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Meghan McCain lamented the “horrible videos about me,” to which I would like to say: Meghan, thank you for the views. It’s an honor.

It was a short week for The View, with Monday being a holiday and Wednesday’s episode being pushed by Mueller’s announcement that President Trump didn’t not do a crime. However, McCain is a trooper and gave us her all.

She scared co-host Whoopi Goldberg by calling for the president’s metaphorical assassination (by impeachment) and questioned Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to hold a town hall with Fox News, where Meghan used to work and which she personally believes is not a racist network.

Though I’m grateful for the brief respite this short week gave my melting brain, I’m also glad that next week I can expect a full five servings of McCain.

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