Tiffany & Co's New Gay Engagement Campaign Features Real Gay People

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While the rise of “gay” as a market demographic is not a new phenomenon, and plenty of brands have pursued LGBT+ dollars, Tiffany & Co. is the latest company to jump on the bandwagon. Its new engagement campaign features a gay male couple and asks the question, “will you?” above its engagement rings, implying the pair are considering marriage.

The new engagement campaign is the first for the company, according to the Fashionista, and the site says a representative for Tiffany told them that the company did not release “the guys’ names because despite being extremely attractive, they are not professional models” although they are apparently an actual gay couple.

As the Fashionista points out, and we’ve said here several times, it would be nice if campaigns like this weren’t news. But even if there is a marketing trend, and even if more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, there’s still too little representation out there. This is especially true when LGBT+ (and especially trans people) are still struggling to represent themselves as models, actors, etc rather than being played by straight/cisgender talent.

You go, Tiffany. Nice to know gay people are welcome to breakfast at your place, too. Of course, maybe we’ll brunch. You got mimosas on tap? Good, good.

Image via Tiffany & Co.

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