TMZ: Misogynistic, Sexist & Incredibly Popular


According to the Independent, TMZ is one of the most popular celebrity websites (third behind and Yahoo’s OMG). But, in the words of Alec Baldwin, TMZ is a “cesspool.”

Unlike some mean-spirited low-rent blogs, TMZ, which some readers will recall made our Missdemeanors column quite often, is owned by megaconglomerate AOL. This means that they have the money and the manpower to post frequently, and to post “exclusives” — which are often just videos in which a cameraman approaches a celebrity. Oh, sure, they broke the Christian Bale rant, and the Miley Cyrus “goofy” pic. But a recent post involved some dude asking Drew Barrymore who is hotter, Washington or Lincoln. She – and rightly so – ignored him.

While TMZ is fairly ruthless and engages in sniping on male and female celebs alike, they most certainly take exquisite pleasure in body-snarking female stars: declaring that Naomi Campbell has “pancake bosoms”; a “Celebrity But-Her-Face” slideshow; galleries of cleavage images.

Now, TMZ has been covering “OctoMom” Nadya Suleman, quite feverishly. A reader emailed us:

They follow Nadya Suleman, call her “octopussy” (How about calling the sperm donor octodick…or hey, even following the doctor around?) post photos of her kids and remark about how much of people’s money’s she’s spending (apparently she’s on welfare). Typical woman-bashing when she hasn’t taken 1% as much money as the men who have taken corporate welfare (bailouts). This woman has has death threats against her – and even if we do not care for her actions, let’s at least demand they treat men with the same derisiveness they treat women.
TMZ should follow every company head who got tax money, see how many kids they have and see whether they have gotten manicures or pedicures recently.

Well, that might not be an answer, but Octopussy? Really?

TMZ: The Website Striking Fear Into Hollywood’s Stars [Independent]

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