Trumpworld Sad

Trumpworld Sad
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It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Trump’s re-election chances are growing dimmer by the hour, and Trump himself isn’t ready for the reality check. The Washington Post reports that while those in Trump’s orbit are realizing that a clear path to victory is unlikely, Trump maintains that he will flip Arizona (where Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has led since Tuesday) and purge the so-called illegal votes in states that have also gone in Biden’s favor.

The delusion was realized in full on Thursday night, when Trump addressed the nation in a press conference riddled with false claims of an election victory and widespread voter fraud. While Trump lives in denial, his aides are suddenly realizing there’s gonna be no good way to break it to their boss.

From the Washington Post (emphasis ours):

On a call with campaign surrogates, a Trump campaign spokesman confidently declared, “We will be able to declare absolutely victory Friday afternoon when Arizona flips.” And the campaign also blasted out a fully capitalized statement from the president: “IF YOU COUNT THE LEGAL VOTES, I EASILY WIN THE ELECTION! IF YOU COUNT THE ILLEGAL AND LATE VOTES, THEY CAN STEAL THE ELECTION FROM US!”
Campaign officials also tried to show pugilism with donors and surrogates, asking for money and encouraging allies to go on television and defend the president — saying he would be declared the victor by Friday.
But privately, several people close to the campaign said the mood began to darken. In one call, Hogan Gidley, a campaign press secretary, promised that Trump would be declared the victor on Friday. “It was kind of laughable,” said a person on the call.

NBC News has reported similar scenes of doom in Trumpville (emphasis ours):

The mood at campaign headquarters in Virginia seems grim but determined. Campaign manager Bill Stepien has yet to make any remarks to staff this morning, per a person close to the campaign. Younger staffers are feeling ready for a fight in the courts, but the more seasoned veterans know Trump has likely lost and there is a very, very narrow path left. People aren’t to the point of crying and comforting each other yet, but they aren’t high-fiving, either. Most staffers are still coming into work, but don’t have anything to do, so some are sitting at their computers refreshing results pages.
But there are those in the orbit who understand the endgame is likely near: “I think it’s over,” predicts one outside adviser, “probably goes to the courts in some form and then chips fall where they fall.”

Welp, couldn’t have happened to better people. And, sadly, it looks like the denial apple doesn’t fall far from the dickhead tree:

  • Well, Rep. Rashida Tlaib is willing to offer a wake-up call to Trump:
  • Trump appointed David Bossie—former deputy campaign manager and head of conservative group Citizens United—to be his advisor on his quest to challenge election results he doesn’t like. [New York Times]
  • Philly is litty:
  • Sen. Mitt Romeny published a wishy-washy Notes App statement again:
  • Hey, remember covid-19? It’s getting really fucking bad again. [CNN]
  • But here’s a palate cleanser:
  • A very appropriate photo that we should all see as foreshadowing:

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