Uma Thurman On Her 'New Face': 'I Guess Nobody Liked My Makeup'


At a screening of The Slap in New York City three days ago, a roar of outrage burst forth from the Internet in reaction to Uma Thurman’s “unrecognizable” face, basically ensuring that she never skips mascara again.

According to Refinery29, which featured an interview with her makeup artist, she just—gasp—went with a different look that night:

If you look closer at Uma, though, she’s wearing quite a bit of makeup — which she normally doesn’t. Troy Surratt, one of our favorite makeup artists, has been painting Uma’s face for years. Last night, the two decided to go for a look that was “more editorial than it was celebrity.”
Translation? “We did a much stronger brow and a bold lip for a French sort of feel,” Surratt tells us. “I applied a creamy foundation for all-over glow, and then contoured the hairline and her cheekbones, adding warmth. I applied the lip — my color in Mégalomane mixed with Peccadille — and then we just kept the eyes really, really light.”

Thurman Addressed The Issue on Today Thursday, noting: “I look weird. I guess nobody liked my makeup. I mean, I’ve been doing this for years and years and years, and people say things nice and they say things mean, and it’s just like—whatever!”

It is “whatever,” Uma. This is the most “whatever” thing that’s ever happened. The woman tries to be slightlyedgy with her makeup, and everyone was like OH NO YOU FUCKING DON’T, YOU PLASTIC SURGERY MONSTER.

Can? Uma? Live?

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