Unclear on How Jail Works, Huckabee Offers to Go in Kim Davis's Place


Kim Davis was released from jail Tuesday morning, with instructions not to interfere with her office handing out marriage licenses to legally eligible couples. Unwilling to let his opportunity for publicity-friendly faux martyrdom slip away that easily, Mike Huckabee offered this afternoon to go to jail “in her place.”

Huckabee appeared at a press conference and rally supporting Davis outside the Carter County Detention Center this afternoon, where she was detained for six days for contempt of court. Huckabee appeared alongside Mat Staver of the anti-gay Liberty Counsel. Both Huckabee and fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz met with Davis today, with Huckabee giving us this historic photo as proof:

But first, Huckabee told a crowd of reporters that he loves liberty and hates gayness so much he’d like to be locked up for it: “If somebody needs to go to jail, I’m willing to go in her place.”

Add this to the growing pile of evidence that Huckabee just doesn’t understand how the law works. But more’s the pity that he’s not able to make good on what was undoubtedly a very real and sincere offer.

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Screenshot via Fox 10/Breaking 911

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