Venice Film Festival Continues: More Fits, a Little Spit, and a Whole Lot of Drama

Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde, and Harry Styles have arrived... and Jodie Turner-Smith continues to stun in everything she wears.

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Photo: Getty Images

UPDATE, 9/6/2022: Florence Pugh aka Miss Flo has arrived, and we’ve updated this slideshow with all the latest from the long weekend.

Ah, Venice. The City of Water, Queen of the Adriatic, Serenissima! Once a year (for the last 79 years) the 1,200-year-old Italian city clears its canals so that the rich, famous, and hired-by-brands-to-attend may celebrate themselves and each other for making some neat little movies.

The city’s aquatic, one-of-a-kind layout is what really makes the Venice Film Festival so...extra special. At any other film festival, premiere, award show, etc, we only get to see celebrities on the red carpet. We can’t know if they arrived in a car, a limo, a hummer, a private helicopter, took an Uber, skateboarded, or just walked. They have but one chance to flaunt their wealth and beauty and remind us all that we’ll never have as much money as them. But in Venice, they get to be photographed rolling up to the festival in handcrafted water taxis via beautiful urban canal, while flapping their hands at all us ordinaries as if we all live in the same tax bracket.

Never forget, the ultimate Venice arrival moment:

I love it all. Let’s take a look at all the notable red carpet moments and arrivals this year, so far.

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