Videos of Subwoofers Making Women Orgasm Are Surprisingly Popular


If a person moseys over to YouTube and searches “subwoofer orgasm,” a surprising number of results come up. A shocking number, really. Turns out, there’s an entire subgenre of YouTube videos featuring women who are so overcome by the vibrations created by the loud bass that they have no choice but to have incredible orgasms.

With descriptions ranging from TREMENDOUS BASS TEST to BASS CAUSING ‘EXUBERATING’ ORGASMS, the subwoofer climax genre of films operate from a fairly standard script. A girl is sitting on the passenger side seat in a car. The person in the drivers’ seat turns on the car’s cartoonishly, unnecessarily loud sound system. The girl’s hair flies around, probably because bits of her eardrums are spraying everywhere. Then, she makes a sex face. And the dudes who are around and watching her do sex faces are like, woo yah! That lady did a sex face and I saw it! Then they high five with their dicks.

It’s all good clean fun between consenting adults who just so happen to like very loud booming bass, so fine. Go to town, folks. One quibble, though: the sex faces featured are kind of unbelievable. Like the sort of fake orgasm face that only a guy who has never seen a real orgasm in person would believe. A Meg Ryan In Katz’s Deli style orgasm. A bad porn orgasm. So maybe it would be more accurate to describe “subwoofers making women orgasm” as “women pretending to orgasm because of subwoofers because boys like it.” It’s the new “mouth kissing your girl friend at the bar so bros buy you shots.”

Anyway. Some guys think their cars are their penises.

[h/t Ryan Broderick, a very funny Tweeter who everyone should follow]

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