Watch Approximately One Million Wild Bunnies Swarm a Girl With Treats


Rabbits are the cutest animals in the entire universe. To any delusional human who would dare disagree with this assertion: here’s a video of a girl jogging around leisurely while a pack of adorable wild bunnies hops after her and then they all stand on their hind legs and UGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU BUNS ARE SO CUTE.

This footage was taken at Ōkunoshima, also known as “Rabbit Island.” It is, as one might guess, a Japanese island populated by affable wild rabbits. It should be listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World (and the other six wonders should be individual rabbits who live on the island).

In related news, if I do not one day find myself in the center of a similar Rabbit Swarm, my entire life will have been lived in vain.

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