Watch Everyone on The Bachelor Obsess About Virgins, Virginity


We already knew that there was a VIRGIN on The Bachelor, and her presence was underlined and underscored in Monday night’s episode, as said VIRGIN, Ashley I., bumbled around trying to figure out how to share her VIRGIN status with Bachelor Chris while all her fellow contestants freaked out about it.

After having a vague conversation with Chris in a tent while camping (a conversation that had been promoted to make it look as though something really sexy happened in the tent), Ashley thought she had made it clear that she was a VIRGIN. But she later realized that she hadn’t really said anything more than how not very experienced she was. So she spent most of the cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony freaking out about telling Chris for real, prompting incredulity from both Chris (“I think it’s incredible,” he lied. “The fact that Ashley I. is a virgin, it’s impressive”) and Ashley’s fellow contestants (“Her mouth isn’t a virgin,” scoffed Carly).

So where did we leave this VIRGIN? Still at The Bachelor mansion, except she wasn’t alone with her VIRGINITY—we learned that Becca also is a VIRGIN! Becca didn’t, however, spend the whole episode talking about it. So we’ll have to wait until next week to find out more about these two VIRGINS and to see which VIRGIN (if any!) is sent home.

(It will definitely be Ashley I.)

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