Watch History Unfold on Twitter With the 'First Woman to Reach Mars'


History has seen many brave explorers, facing unknown dangers in a dark and lonely world.
But all of them are chumps compared to a truly brave, fearless explorer. Behold Evghenia.

Evgehnia is a true science hero. Not content to simply sit around and watch a machine draw dicks while playing shitty pop music on the surface of a distant planet, Evghenia said “fuck it” and built her own rocket to Mars.

See, how easy it is to build a rocket, NASA? Sheesh. For those of you concerned about how she’ll survive all alone on Mars, don’t worry. She has that squared away.

She bravely took off in her homemade rocket all alone, with nothing but her dreams and of course the 10,000 protein bars.

According to the Daily Dot, “Evghenia has urinated out of her rocket ship’s door, “completed 345 lower abdomen movements,” had bad dreams [and] quoted Elton John.” Take that Neil Armstrong.

Images via Shutterstock.

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