Watch These Two Dogs Adorably Share An Ice Cream Cone


Your initial reaction to this video is probably going to be a lot like mine—why is Daisy getting all the ice cream cone love? Come on mean lady, let poor Cooper have some ice cream love!

alas, there’s a good reason why Cooper has to wait his damn turn. Don’t
let his big, innocent eyes fool you! Because Cooper is kind of a jerk.
He’s a ravenous, ice cream cone devouring jerk. I admit, I burst out
laughing hysterically when I saw the end of this video. Because this is
exactly what my dog is like.

One time, my dog made sweet puppy eyes at a
little kid eating an ice cream cone. When the poor child came over to
pet her, she jumped up and swallowed THE ENTIRE CONE, right out of the
kid’s hand. There was nothing left. Not a crumb. Not a drop of sweet sugary ice cream goodness. When he started crying and screaming over the tragic loss of a vanilla cone, the dog looked positively shocked. She just acted all innocent like “OMG. HE JUST STARTED CRYING FOR NO REASON. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE I HAVE JUST BEEN SITTING HERE THIS WHOLE TIME JUST BEING GOOD AND STUFF.”

Dogs are absolutely the best.

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