We Are All This Woman Refusing to Put Down Her Book at a Trump Rally


On Monday, Donald Trump spent an hour in Springfield, Illinois, bumbling in front of a crowd of supporters and one amazing lady who found herself in the front few rows of Trump rally and completely unwilling to give a shit.

This hero of a woman spent much of the rally chatting with the companion next to her, checking her phone, and getting engrossed in a paperback. The latter activity led to a confrontation with a true Trump supporter, who looks exactly like someone who could be swindled into giving his money and vote to Donald Trump. This footage, which I expected to be submitted to the National Archives, was caught by Vic Berger (h/t BuzzFeed’s Saeed Jones).

The man spends about 20 seconds watching our hero reading her book (which Jones suspects is Claudia Rankine’s Citizen), seemingly contemplating what he should do about this grave situation. Finally, he makes the decision to tap her on the shoulder and speak his mind, all with the fervent support of his lady friend. The three go on to have a full on argument in the middle of Trump’s speech. The altercation ends with our hero triumphantly returning to her book.

Hero lady, who are you? Were you, in fact, reading Citizen? Where does your unabashed lack of fucks originate from? Why were you even there? How is this real? And most of all: Thank you.


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