Wendy Williams Responds to Walmart Scooter Gossip: 'Do I Look Frail to You?'


Wendy Williams was her own lead ‘Hot Topic’ during Monday’s episode of her talk show. I love it when that happens. “One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truthful to you and having your own show is I can come and dispel my own rumors,” she said during the episode. Recently, Williams’s show has increasingly focused on her private life (which only makes it more fascinating), both indirectly (as a result of a hiatus that lasted over two months earlier this year) and directly (as she frequently discusses her addiction issues, including her current residence in a sober house).

Over the weekend, some footage of Williams cruising around a Walmart in Ellenville, New York, Williams in a Jazzy-type motorized scooter, circulated. Radar called it “shocking,” said that Williams looked frail, and printed that an “insider” present said that Williams looked “frantic” during the outing. Wendy Williams is apparently so innately interesting that a trip to Walmart caused buzz. Imagine.

On her show, Williams explained she had stopped in the Walmart around 4 am while upstate last week on a camping trip with her roommates at the sober-living facility and others.

She said the store staff allowed her to use the scooters because there were few people shopping at that hour. Radar pointed out that, “Her eyes are bulging in the shocking clip,” but Williams explained, “You know I have the Graves disease.”

She hit back at the commentary on her clothing, which consisted of a robe and leggings. “It was 4 o’clock in the morning in Ellen, New York, what do you want me to wear, a ballgown?”

She also shared pictures from her camping trip, which included her driving an ATV and posing with a gun. “Thank you Ellen, New York, and thank you blogs, do I look frail to you?” is how she concluded the segment.

Page Six reported that Williams was wearing her wedding ring at the Walmart (her marriage to Kevin Williams is rumored to be beleaguered). “She seemed regular, to be honest. Not happy or sad,” an anonymous source said.

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