What Are "Bunga-Bunga" Parties, And Why Is Berlusconi Hosting Them?


Today, Silvio Berlusconi stands accused of having an “uncontrollable sickness” when it comes to women, and of hosting “bunga-bunga” parties that culminate in sex. So, business as usual.

The Catholic magazine La Famiglia Cristiana says Berlusconi’s dealings with women suggest “a disease, something uncontrollable.” What are they talking about? Well, most recently Berlusconi is in hot water over his supposed dalliance with 17-year-old belly dancer Karima Keyek, aka Ruby Rubacuori, or Stealer of Hearts. Keyek says that although the Italian PM gave her about $10,000 and jewelry at a Valentine’s Day dinner he hosted for ten lucky ladies, they never actually had sex. She explains, “It the first time in my life that a man has not tried to take me to bed. He behaved like a father, I swear.” She adds that Berlusconi told her to stop visiting him after he found out her real age: “Berlusconi said he had had enough problems in the past with another underage girl.” However, according to the Guardian, “she has painted a vivid portrait of private parties held by the 74-year-old prime minister, known by the Italian media as lavish affairs that often transformed into ‘bunga-bunga’ sessions involving after-dinner sex between male and female guests.”

La Famiglia Cristiana says, “It is incredible that a man in such a position does not have the necessary self-control.” But it’s not really that incredible, given that Berlusconi seems to get away with everything. The guy has made lewd gestures in official photos, cracked jokes about Hitler, and asked a woman giving him a tour of an earthquake site if he could fondle her — and he remains in power. When asked to comment on the Keyek allegations, escort and alleged Berlusconi paramour Patrizia D’Addario said, “I am not surprised at all by this story.” We’re with you, Patrizia.

One question remains, though — what the hell is “bunga-bunga?” A trip to Urban Dictionary is not helpful — the first definition just seems kind of racist, and the second one is, well, circular:

Erotic ritual which involves a powerful leader and several naked women.

Given that this definition of “bunga-bunga” is basically “a sex party thrown by Berlusconi,” it really seems like Berlusconi himself deserves a dictionary entry. But the offerings on Urban Dictionary are kind of uninspired. Here’s one from a, um, critic:

1. The current (Fascist) prime minister of Italy 2: Stupid corrupt rich idiot moron who destroyed Italy’s economy, controls 90% of the country’s media, and is a mannequin of Bush (king of idiots) against the will of his great people.

Silvio Berlusconi is a corrupt madman.

And from a supporter:

Conservative pro-business Italian Prime Minister disliked by left-wing ass gnomes because he would rather not see the return of Bolshevism to Europe. Liberals compare Berlusconi, Bush, or anybody with conservative political views to Hitler and Mussolini because that’s their idea of fun.

Silvio Berlusconi has returned a great deal of economic strength and national pride to Italy.

I actually think Berlusconi would be better as a verb, meaning “to engage in bizarre antics with no repercussions whatsoever” or maybe “to offer to squeeze someone’s breast under inappropriate circumstances.” Or we could just give him the O’Donnell treatment.

Silvio Berlusconi Gave Me €7,000, Says 17-Year-Old Belly Dancer [Guardian, via Daily Beast]
Berlusconi ‘Suffers From Uncontrollable Sickness For Women’ [Sify]

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