"When Are We?" And Other Lost Questions


In the closing minutes of last night’s premiere of Lost, we saw the mysterious Mrs. Hawking hard at work in her science sorcery dungeon in a church basement, trying to determine an “event window.” WTF?

After punching in some coordinates on an Apple III (which is almost as ancient as that four-toed statue), she informs Ben that he only has 70 hours to get the gang back together — which includes Locke’s corpse — presumably to be present for said event that will presumably take them back to the island. But there are so many questions!

  • Is Mrs. Hawking Daniel Faraday’s mother?
  • In the opening of the show, we saw Dr. Chang/Candle/Wickman/Halliwax caring for a baby on the Dharma compound. Was this his baby? And if so, does this mean that there were not fertility problems on the island before they stared fucking with the “energy source” in the Orchid Station?
  • Shortly after that, Daniel was posing as a Dharma Initiative employee in the Orchid Station. When did this happen? And what was he doing there?
  • Why doesn’t Sayid trust Ben anymore?
  • Is Sun evil now? Is she messing with Kate’s head?
  • Does Widmore own Oceanic?
  • Did Widmore really put that fake plane wreckage at the bottom of the ocean?
  • Who wants Aaron, and why is he so important?
  • Why is Desmond “miraculously special”?
  • Why was Sawyer so much more concerned with getting a shirt than getting a pair of shoes?
  • Who is Jill the butcher and the other off-island Others that Ben mentions?
  • Why is only Charlotte’s nose bleeding?
  • What is the significance of the compass that Richard gives Locke?
  • Why can’t anyone ever just give Locke specific instructions!?!?! Why must they always make him guess?
  • What was up with the flaming arrows?
  • Who are the “indigenous hostiles” that Dr. Chang speaks of?
  • What exactly are the “rules to time travel”?

Let’s come up with some theories… in the comments.

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