Where To Bag A Sugar Daddy


Want a rich man to keep you in Louboutins, diamonds, and fistfuls of cold hard cash? Look no further than the hotel bar, apparently a “hot spot” par excellence for lucky ladies “to get a Sugar date.”

At least, that’s the latest advice from Elle of SugarSugar.com, a “niche dating site” where “romance meets finance.” Of the ten “Top Sugar Dating Hot Spots,” six are hotel bars, and one is just a hotel (apparently the entire place inspires generosity). Sample listing:

LA is known for flaunting its wealth and its women, and is a hot spot for industry execs, celebrity mingling, and some of the sexiest women and most generous men in the world. The landmark Chateau Marmont has long been known as the place celebs go to be bad, and visitors and partygoers alike tend to follow suite.

I don’t think that last part is an intentional pun. Nor is it clear why the hotel bar is such a great place to pick up men eager to share their wealth. The post’s introduction does little to shed light on the issue:

If there’s one thing a Sugar Daddy likes more than women, its money, so when he’s face down in his tuna tartar, stock thoughts scrolling on ticker tape over his lunch break, he won’t be looking up at you.

Does this mean you’re not supposed to approach potential daddies at business lunches? And why are they facedown in their food?

It’s possible that hotel bars are good spots for sugar poaching — find a guy already meeting his mistress for some clandestine sexytime, swoop in before she gets there, and soon he’s buying you $1000 pumps. As Elle says, “women date financially wealthy men for a whole shoe (haha) of reasons” [Ed. what?]. Still, aspiring sugar babies should probably take everything they see on SugarSugar with a grain of salt (sorry). A recent poll on the site asked users whether they’d like Charlie Sheen for a sugar daddy, and the most popular answer was yes.

Top Sugar Dating Hot Spots [SugarSugar]

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