White Male Politician Complains Bitterly About 'Reverse Glass Ceiling'


A member of Great Britain’s Parliament says he’s not running for re-election in large part because, due to “political correctness,” no one can suceed there except women and people of color. Retiring MP Ian Swales claimed in a recent interview that there’s an “opposite” of a glass ceiling in Parliament, where white men like him make up just 77 percent of the membership.

In an interview with the Telegraph, retiring MP Ian Swales said there’s just no room for people like him in Parliament these days:

I always say no, I don’t have a future here. I’m the wrong gender, the wrong sexuality, the wrong colour, the wrong age. That’s a joke. It’s just a comment about the political correctness really. You can see by some of these Cabinet appointments. Women still talk about glass ceilings – it’s clearly the opposite.

Clearly! As the Independent points out, Swales’ party, the Liberal Democrats, have 57 MPs, and seven of them are women. According to information drawn from the House of Commons, there are 148 women in Parliament overall, out of 650 members, or 23 percent. A vaginal deluge, basically.

Swales responded to the criticism on Twitter by pointing out that he mentors two women:

And now those women have risen up to summarily oppress and destroy him. Chilling.

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