Whoopi Goldberg Has Some Pretty Dumb Ideas About Racism


On Thursday’s edition of The View, the panel brought up First Lady Michelle Obama’s “revelation” that the Obamas still get racially profiled. While President Obama has been mistaken for a waiter and a valet, Michelle was recently asked to assist a customer during a visit to Target. Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t see any of this as racist, just good ole dumb Americans.

The whole discussion was a mess and played into the silly notion of a post-racial America. Whoopi argues that Obama’s valet incident was more about ignorance, and she doesn’t think a black person being followed around a store is a racist act. Watch guest Laverne Cox set things straight a bit when she says that yes, people are stupid but “implicit biases” exists, which leads to racism.

Whoopi thinks real racism is blatant, like when somebody comes up to you and screams a slur. And she knows all about this because, she says, “I’ve been black for 60 years!” Well. Check. Mate.

Nicole, bless her heart, makes this trite observation: “I think a country that elects an African American president twice—I don’t think every American is racist.”

The only ones making some type of sense here are Cox and the Rosies, who argue that clearly racism exists.

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