Why: Are Men Always So Much Hotter Than Women?

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The Question: Why are men always so much hotter (temperature-wise, of course!) than women?

The Answer:

Source #1:

Anecdotal evidence made available through first-person interviews with news organizations like

ABC News:

“Before we go to bed I will, maybe, tell Sheila I’ve got to get a glass of water and she’ll have the temp up around 78 degrees,” Jim Hagan said. “I will walk down the hall and I will switch it over to, say, 72 or 71 degrees, something like that.”
In the Hagan home, there are no bosses. But Sheila Hagan knows exactly who to blame now when things get a little chilly.
“Isn’t he a trickster?” she said of her husband.

and CBS News:

Terri Slater and her husband, Richard, who have been married for five-and-a-half years, are all-too-familiar with this biological predicament.
The temperature outside their Boca Raton, Fla. home was 85 degrees on a given day. But the battle inside was just as heated – they admit sneaking around, constantly changing the temperature!

Source #2:

Anecdotal evidence plus scientific evidence plus a nice suggestion that might get you some hanky panky via Men’s Health:

10 Things Her Body is Telling You
If it seems as if she always has cold hands, that’s because she does—almost 3 degrees colder than yours, possibly more if she’s stressed. Women’s bodies, even more than men’s, are programmed to keep their cores warmer than their extremities. So to warm her hands up, don’t massage them; wrap your arm around her waist. This will warm her core and allow blood to flow back into her hands.

Source #3:

Guys there’s a scientific reason for this and it’s not that exciting, mostly just inconvenient (women feel colder but are actually not colder). Though congrats to you for finding someone willing to share their bed with you! Must be nice.

This has been “Why?”, a column by Kate Dries.

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