Why Did SNL Cut Non-Tribute "Tribute" To Women Writers?


Here’s a clip from Tina Fey’s (last) stint at Saturday Night Live that never made it to air. It’s a tongue-in-cheek sketch in which the host tries to pay homage to “Great Women Writers Throughout History” — only to be ruined by a sexist male voiceover.

Bill Hader voices the sleazy announcer who ruins Tina’s tribute by focusing only on the appearance of the lady-authors. He riffs on their appearances, saying things like “More like Virginia Woof!” and “Agatha Christie — yikes! I’ll tell ya whodunit: nobody.” About Jane Austen, he says “I’ll tell you two things keeping dudes away from her: Pride and Prejudice. Oh yeah, and two more things: her face and body.” Hilarious.

Tina makes it clear that she does not condone the ridiculous segment, and while the sketch is clearly done in jest, it does make you wonder why it ended up getting the axe before SNL went live on Saturday night. Was the clip too derogatory towards women? Just enough to rub us the wrong way? Was it simply not funny enough”

Correction: Apparently this was a skit that didn’t air during her last hosting stint; NBC just trotted it out today in a successful attempt to repurpose the content. Consider us chastened — but still new to the internet, so hey.

[Saturday Night Live]

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