Will This Sloth Save American Apparel? 


Buttercup, a three-toed sloth hailing from Costa Rica, is pictured striking a sultry pose on American Apparel’s Earth Day page. “Buttercup has a surprise! Stay tuned,” reads the website.

What. Could. This. Possibly. Mean.

THINK!!!!! Is Buttercup the Sloth going to finally put those three lazy fingers to work and start pitching in at the American Apparel garment factory? Is Buttercup the Sloth, armed only with an extremely slow metabolism and several hundred moths hidden inside her fur, going to turn this whole ship around? Is Buttercup the Sloth going to take a giant shit and leave it in a flaming bag on Dov Charney’s doorstep?

Guess we’ll find out on April 22!

Image via American Apparel

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