Woman Applies for Internships With a Tiny Lego Version of Herself


File this under ideas that are so good they make the rest of us regular job applicants look bad: a hopeful ad agency intern has figured out a way to stand out from the pack of other applicants for the job she covets by making a miniature Lego version of herself.

According to Redditor PastLightSpeed (who, according to the retooled Lego logo she designed to go with her brick doppelgänger, is named Leah), the effort was the result of an application prompt. She writes,

I should mention that I am not a graphic designer, nor am I applying for a graphic design job. The poster pictured is not my resume, but rather a specific piece in response to a request by a specific agency to “create a piece of persuasive advertising with you as the product.”

The woman posted pictures of her handiwork to Reddit, where it’s shot to the top of the front page within hours. I mean, can you blame Reddit? This is fucking rad.

Leah says she started by designing the brick version of herself, and then created packaging to go with it. For one agency, she submitted a poster that spelled out her strengths and presented herself as a product. It took her an entire weekend, but so far, all signs point to “worth it” — she’s already had a phone interview.

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