Woman Selling Her Missoni Target Boots For $31,000 To Pay For Daughter’s College Education


Here’s what we know:

1. People are freaking out over the Missoni for Target collection that pretty much sold out within minutes.
2. People are apparently willing to bid over $250 for a $40 Missoni for Target throw blanket.
3. College can be pretty costly.

Tammy Lyn of Tulsa, Oklahoma just put all three ideas together.

Tammy Lyn of Tulsa, Oklahoma has listed a pair of Missoni for Target Venetian Rainboots for the Buy-It-Now price of $31,000. She purchased the rubber wellies in a Target store for $34.99. “I would like to turn these rainboots into a a rainy day fund for my youngest child, who has just begun her freshman year of college,” Lyn wrote in the auction listing. Her outrageous auction caught the eye of CNN, who asked her about her motives. “We have lived frugally and have some savings, but like most Americans, it’s just not enough to cover college, retirement, and life at this point,” Lyn told CNN. “Missoni mania looked like the perfect opportunity for a miracle.” She is certain the boots will earn her a great deal of money. “I’ve had offers for them, but I’m sticking with my listing.”

It’s a fairly (ahem) lofty goal, but if one woman’s pair of $35 boots actually turns into another woman’s college education, that’s cool with me.

Person tries to sell Missoni Target boots for $31,000 for college education [Yahoo]

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