Women Show Their Support by Wearing FLOTUS-Blue Nail Polish


After the First Lady set the Internet ablaze with excited chatter about her bluish-gray nails at the DNC last month, the color has become a symbol of political alignment, particularly for women Obama’s age and older who wouldn’t normally opt for such an unconventional shade.

According to the New York Times, just after the convention, Broadway producer Margo Lion, “a major Obama supporter and a member of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities,” decided to shoot out an email to friends and acquaintances asking them to paint their nails a similar color “to show solidarity with the first lady and the president…from now until Election Day.” Word spread, and now it’s officially “a thing,” with the Obama 2012 Instagram account putting out a call for photos of such manicures.

The color that Mrs. Obama wore during the DNC has since been identified as Vogue, part of the Artistic Colour Gloss line by Artistic Nail Design of Beverly Hills. The color is sold out.

Blue State or Red? Look at the Fingers [NYT]

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