World's Seven Billionth Baby Is Adorable Harbinger Of Doom

The U.N. estimates that the world’s population has just hit seven billion, which is cause for concern and contemplation for some experts. Dr. Eric Tayag of the Philippines’ Department of Health said:

“Seven billion is a number we should think about deeply … We should really focus on the question of whether there will be food, clean water, shelter, education and a decent life for every child … If the answer is ‘no,’ it would be better for people to look at easing this population explosion.”

But, figuring out if humans have enough resources to survive is kind of a downer, especially when there are cute babies to check out. The birth of several symbolic “seven billionth babies” were celebrated around the world, but the infant getting the most attention is Danica May Camacho of the Philippines, who was born two minutes after midnight. The U.N. estimates that by 2025 we’ll have to make room for another billion people, and it expects the world’s population will reach 10 billion by 2083 — enjoy your personal space while you can.

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