You Can Now Rent Out Kurt And Courtney’s Old Apartment for $250


Hardcore Nirvana fans can experience what it was like to live in the same place as their god by renting out the Los Angeles home Kurt Cobain used to share with Courtney Love. Grunge rock’s royal couple occupied the two-bedroom apartment, located in the Fairfax district, from 1991 to 1992. Kurt turned the space into a makeshift art studio at the time, focusing his creativity towards painting. They moved out when Courtney was eight months pregnant with Frances Bean.

According to Vulture, the apartment’s current occupant, Brandon Kleinman, didn’t know the apartment’s history before he moved into the space in 2011. After he signed the lease, his landlord disclosed who the previous tenants were and warned him of what to expect. A couple of years ago, Kleinman began renting out half of the quarters, advertising it as “Kurt Cobain’s Private 1b + 1bth.” Though fans stop by every couple of months and the apartment is in a centrally-located, walkable location, requests for accommodation are surprisingly not in high demand.

If you’re looking for a place to rent out for your next visit to L.A., Kurt and Courtney’s old pad is available for an average of $250 a night.

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