Your Morning Weep: Watch Saint Beyoncé Sing a Duet With a Blind Girl

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SAINT BEYONCÉ IS A BEAUTIFUL SAINT. A 13-year-old blind girl named Sophie, who also has hearing and muscle difficulties, attended her concert in Perth; Beyoncé surprised her by singling her out and getting her to sing “Irreplaceable” with her in front of 15,000 cheering fans.

Saint Beyoncé then stroked Sophie’s face and sang to her. A tender waterfall appeared upon my face. Afterwards, Sophie’s sister said, “She’s never really been able to go
to a concert due to logistical reasons… She had
no idea that [Beyoncé] was going to sing with her. It was amazing.” She added, “She’s on cloud nine.” Sigh. [Daily Mail, photograph by Rob Hoffman via]

UHHH, WHAT: Katie Holmes might be joining the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey as Elena Lincoln, “Christian Grey’s longterm business and sex partner with a wildly kinky side.”
Maybe she doesn’t realize that it’s not a film about Suri’s
fashionably subdued winter coat collection? Why would anyone who already has an acting career want to be
in Fifty Shades of Grey?

So many mysteries abound. [Your Tango]

Lady Gaga unveiled a white vehicle-like object that she bills as the world’s first flying dress. It doesn’t look that easy to maneuver or very safe at all, but, whatever, it’s a DRESS THAT FLIES so let’s not nitpick. I think we can all agree that more celebrities should be using their power to create flying garments.

(There’s an embedded video of the dress kinda trundling though the air at the link). [Billboard]

  • Kylie Jenner donned the Teen Trainwreck of hats while she was at the mall. [DListed]
  • People asked Natalie Portman about the last time she was injured (???) and she said it was when she “was just being awkward” and “banged her leg into a table.” The More You Know. [People]
  • Drew Barrymore and her husband are sooooo cute and kissing and stuff. [E!]
  • Miley Cyrus continues to literally accessorize with black people, donning an extremely ugly dress with pictures of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac on it. It is so very ugly. [E!]
  • Miley also Instagrammed a shower selfie. This is only controversial to me because she has her makeup and hair done, which feels wasteful. [Us]
  • To all of you who spent your weekend sleeplessly pondering, “But are Robert Pattinson and Dylan Penn official yet?”: they do not refer to one another as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend,” but “it is a romance.” As of now, she probably refers to him as “extremely famous actor Robert Pattinson” and he to her as “Sean Penn’s daughter” and “not Kristen Stewart.” [NY Daily News]
  • Miranda Kerr said some vague things about Orlando Bloom when a pack of paparazzi hounded her at the airport, but I guess the Internet wants to bill it as a “possible reconciliation.” Okay, cool; whatever. [Celebuzz]
  • Here are some pictures of Baby North. Baby North has untold wisdom shining in her eyes. [Page Six]
  • Geri Halliwell released a new single and only 393 people bought it 🙁 [ONTD]
  • Zayn Malik from One Direction and his fiancee Perrie Edwards have started planning their wedding. I can’t make a joke because I’m too sad about it. [Hello]
  • David Beckham got nominated for knighthood because the world has apparently deemed him not dreamy enough already. [NY Daily News]
  • Lane from Mad Men got married! Congrats Lane! [NY Daily News]
  • Someone paid Matt Damon $150,000 per second to be in a Nespresso ad. [Page Six]
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