Ziwe, Do Your Worst

Ziwe, Do Your Worst
Photo:Scott Eisen (Getty Images)

Ziwe Fumudoh, the comedian known for putting celebrities in the hot seat with her gotcha questions, will soon have the opportunity to interrogate Andrew Yang, celebrity politician.

Ziwe manifested Yang’s guest appearance via Twitter on Thursday, tagging the New York City mayoral candidate and asking if he’d be interested in an interview. “You’d be an iconic guest,” she wrote.

By the end of the day Wall Street Journal reporter Katie Honan had confirmed that Yang would sit down with Ziwe on Sunday night’s episode on Showtime.

A natural question may be: Does Yang understand exactly what he’s agreed to? I certainly hope not. Though knowing the precise nature of Ziwe’s tribunal can only help so much. It has been difficult for even her most unflappable guests to escape unscathed. And of course they each get questions carefully crafted to make them stumble, or at least hesitate. “What do you hate more, slow walkers or racism?” Ziwe asked Fran Lebowitz in a recent episode.

Yang’s points of vulnerability—prime targets for Ziwe—are painfully obvious as it is. The same day she asked Yang to be a guest on her show, he made a comment that suggested he didn’t know domestic violence shelters existed. (In the statement he said it would be “extraordinarily helpful” to the family homeless shelter system if there were “specific shelters for domestic violence.”)

And that’s the least of it. Over the course of his campaign for New York City mayor Yang has gotten dunked on for: misunderstanding what qualifies as a bodega; riding a subway train in the wrong direction; past remarks on abortion rights; offending LGBTQ Democrats whose endorsement he was seeking; and expressing support for Israel during its recent attacks on Palestinians. Where does one begin?

Ziwe, have at it!

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