10 Male Models Do Their Best Blue Steel on the March Cover of Details


The March 2014 edition of Details is “the fashion issue,” and instead of the usual celebrity face, male models grace the cover. It’s… different. Eye-catching, sure, but also a bit disorienting.

Details, like most mainstream glossy fashion/lifestyle magazines, has traditionally had celebrities on the cover. Actors, athletes, music artists. Dan Peres, the magazine’s editor in chief, tells Business Of Fashion:

Men are their own tastemakers now and the Details reader doesn’t necessarily need to see it on an actor or an athlete in order to find a way to connect with fashion.

Okay, sure. In the women’s market, Elle has been experimenting with models as well; the January 2014 cover featured Joan Smalls. But does this mark a return to the reign of models? And will these new male models ever have the kind of name recognition the ladies enjoy? Cara Delevingne has 1.44 million Twitter followers, Kate Upton has 1.23 million. Over 750k people follow Karlie Kloss on Instagram. In the ’90s, a few male models — Marcus Shekenberg, Mark Vanderloo, Alex Lundqvist — gained name recognition, but nowhere near the fame (or fortune) as supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss. Peres thinks these new dudes are on their way, though:

These guys are really recognizable. You see them when you cross the street here in New York City. They are going by on buses. These are the guys that are on billboards and in the huge images in shop windows.

Guess we’d better get to know these steely-eyed, chiseled-cheekboned, strong-jawed gentlemen. They are, from left to right: Garrett Neff, Clement Chabernaud, Noah Mills, Tyson Ballou, RJ Rogenski, Andrés Velencoso Segura, Mathias Lauridsen, Arthur Kulkov, Simon Nessman, and Sean O’Pry. I’ve linked Instagram accounts/fan Tumblrs/Facebook pages for your viewing pleasure. Who’s your favorite*?

*If I’d been casting this cover, we would have seen Rael Costa, Ricki Hall, Willy Cartier, Adonis Bosso, Victor Ross, Jimmy Q, Satoshi Toda, Daniel Bamdad, and Tao Fernandez Caino. But you know, that’s just me.

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