10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s pop culture roundup: Lady Gaga gets felt up, Lea Michele has competition, Nancy Grace is mad and Oprah smells rich.

1.) Louie gets all David Lynch on us.
Strange lighting, different actors playing the same character and a cameo by the director himself.

2.) A 13 year-old girl wows the X Factor judges.
She is, in fact, very very good.

3.) Speaking of singing, Glee is back.
I tuned in Thurday night expecting the same ol’ Glee mess that the show’s viewers have grown accustomed to (and yet I can’t quit!), but was pleasantly surprised with their season 4 premiere. The songs were catchy — with them covering the internet’s favorite song “Call Me Maybe” and including the requisite adorable Blaine number — and the new characters/story lines were blended proficiently with the old. There’s even a new Rachel (the old one is there, too). I think I like her?

4.) Glee wasn’t the only show that Ryan Murphy kicked off this week — his show The New Normal also premiered on NBC.
The New Normal is basically a show about what would happen if Glee‘s Kurt and Blaine grew up and decided to have a baby. I’m on the fence about it, but it’s hard to side against a show that includes Ellen Barkin, Nene from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andrew Rannells from Book of Mormon and a little girl who consistently acts like Edie Beale.

5.) Lady Gaga has a boob handler.
Lady Gaga has a fragrance. (One of the Jezebel staff owns it — I won’t name names, but it’s definitely Dodai — and it smells very good.) Lady Gaga also has boobs. She was on Access Hollywood to talk about one of these things, but the focus ended up being entirely on the other.

6.) Dina Lohan is about to appear very not-sober on Dr. Phil.
The episode premieres Monday, but here’s an early and depressing taste.

Nancy Grace does not approve of the Toddlers & Tiaras mother who gave her daughter a prop cigarette. Does not approve one bit.

8.) Chandler Bing is back on your TV doing TV things.
Matthew Perry’s new show Go On officially premiered this week. The series — which centers around a sports radio host attending grief counseling following the death of his wife — had a few tender moments, but overall it came off like an attempt at a more accessible, more boring Community.

9.) The Today Show does Gangnam Style.
But fuck Gangnam Style. This is just an excuse to watch Al Roker dancing.

10.) James Marsden says Oprah smells like diamonds.
I believe it.

BONUS: The kiss that launched a thousand ‘ships.

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