10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Piper Palin is sick of all the bullshit, Sandra Bernhard recounts the first time she met Courtney Love, and apparently, horses can get herpes.

1.) The time Sandra Bernhard met Courtney Love.
C.Lo was passed out in a snow bank on the LES, woke up long enough to shout/slur something at Sandy, and then passed out. Sounds about right.

2.) Piper Palin is over it.
She’s had just about enough of her mother’s campaign trail tour bus.

3.) Star of David?

4.) It wasn’t not funny!
Legendary Real World alum Tami Roman give a little wink to the camera on Basketball Wives when she wore a shirt that said, “It wasn’t not funny!” referencing the infamous blanket fight she had with David. Ironically, while she was wearing the shirt she was screaming at castmate Evelyn that she was going to sue her for making T-shirts that referenced their fight from last season.

5.) Horse herpes.
Apparently, there was a herpes epidemic among horses—which temporarily rendered them useless—in Utah so instead of rescheduling their rodeo, a bunch of young girls decided to use stick ponies instead.

6.) Baby toss.
This week, OWN’s documentary club aired Sons of Perdition, a film about exiled FLDS teens and young adults. For the most part, the doc was very serious, exploring issues like religion, cults, family, and abuse. And then this happened.

7.) The stage could not contain the talent he didn’t have. That about says it.

8.) Doggy style.
Evidently, Oxygen blurs out canine nudity.

9.) “Drink the drink.”

10.) Corn starch addiction.
The new season of TLC’s Freaky Eaters premieres on Sunday, but this week Today ran some clips of a woman is so addicted to eating corn starch that it is ruining her marriage. You would think this is a parody of Intervention, particularly when she coughs out a corn starch cloud.

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