​105-year-old Woman Throws a Killer First Pitch at Padres Game


Yesterday, Agnes McKee became the oldest person to throw the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game. The 105-year-old had been practicing her pitch with the staff of her retirement community in San Diego, and the practice paid off. McKee threw a solid underhand toss but not before winding it up like a pro. Somewhere, 50 cent is taking notes (I’m sorry I had to).

McKee accepted the offer in honor of her late husband, war veteran and baseball fan, which is adorable because she’s not even into baseball herself. Nope, Agnes McKee has a taste for the finer things in life:

The feisty centenarian is not much of a sports fan – she’s more into art, bridge games, dancing and a classic martini – but her late husband was a baseball player, she told KSWB-San Diego.
“I haven’t been very into the Padres because they don’t ever win any games,” she said with a laugh. “I tried to learn the names of some of the ball players in case somebody asked me that. ”

Wait wait wait, art, bridge games, dancing, and martinis? This is my kind of lady. Apparently after the pitch she told reporters she wanted to enjoy two other ballpark staples: a hot dog and a beer. Excuse me while out of pure impulsive inspiration, I change my name to Agnes McKee and name all forthcoming pets, children, and general belongings Agnes McKee as well.

Screenshot via MLB.com.

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