116 Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Fine Dress


LeAnne Locken from The Real Housewives of Dallas popped by Page Six’s office to model all the ways one might wear L’Infinity, the “ultimate little black dress” she released earlier this year.

The dress, if you’re not familiar, comes in parts. It’s basically a black bodycon sheath dress with a bunch of scarfy attachments you can snap on and off various parts of the base.

By playing around with the attachments—which come in red, white, or black—you can wear L’Infinity in 175 different ways. At least, that’s what Locken promises. I haven’t tried it myself, but I imagine that promised “175 different ways” breaks down to:

  • 1 way = just wearing the little black dress, which looks great
  • 58 ways = wearing the LBD with the black attachments, which seem mostly fine
  • 58 ways = wearing the LBD with the white attachments, whom I don’t trust
  • 58 ways = wearing the LBD with the red attachments, which are a microaggression against me, specifically

L’Infinity is a textbook example of “Could! But… Should?” Sure, you could wear this dress 175 different ways, but should you? As Jezebel’s resident fashion expert-elect (I am in the process of canceling Julianne, please be patient) I don’t think you should. There are 59 ways to wear this dress that are fine, not 175. Locken never promised that all 175 ways would look good, but I feel this is important to note. One woman’s take!

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