28-Year-Old Arrested For Taking Unauthorized Piggyback Rides On High School Boys


28-year-old Sherwin Shayegan, who has been dubbed the “Piggyback Bandit” by authorities, was finally arrested in Montana due to his history of “jumping on the backs of high school athletes in Oregon and Washington state.”

This means that Shayegan —which sounds a bit like ‘shenanigan’. coincidence?— has been going from state to state doing his own sort of semi-national tour of unwanted piggyback rides. Classy.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee says police received a tip that 28-year-old Sherwin Shayegan was at a high school boys soccer tournament in Helena on Friday and observed him jump on a player’s back.

Apparently, officials had been warning athletes about Shayegan’s love of surprise activities that almost no one does past the age of eight and is pretty much the last thing you’d think would happen without your consent, but that didn’t stop it from happening again.

Last spring the Oregon School Activities Association warned athletes to look out for Shayegan after officials say he turned up at events in Eugene and Pendleton and got piggyback rides from some athletes.
Police in Bonney Lake, Wash., say Shayegan gave a high school athlete money and jumped on his back.

At least he paid them? Or is it worse because he paid them? I don’t know. I’m still trying to understand how this is a for-real story and what might’ve happened to Shayegan to cause his descent into piggyback madness.

‘Piggyback Bandit’ arrested in Mont. after police say he jumped on high school athletes’ backs [Washington Post]

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