A Cocaine Rumor Is Already Tearing Real Housewives of New Jersey Apart

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A Cocaine Rumor Is Already Tearing Real Housewives of New Jersey Apart

On Wednesday night, The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered for its 11th season, and with it came a fight so severe, I actually had to watch it like six or seven times just to make sure I had it all straight. Cocaine! They actually used the word cocaine.

Here’s the setup: Teresa Giudice is unhappy after ex-husband Joe Giudice got them both sent to prison for his criminal dealings, which Tre might or might not have been aware of. Now he’s in Italy, and she’s single, and she simply cannot stand the sight of two people in love. Specifically: Jackie Goldschneider, who, in her first season on television, told Tre that if women could control their husbands, would the Giudices really have gone to prison? (Tre had, predictably, made some extremely sexist remarks about a wife’s “duty,” which understandably irked Goldschneider.)

Cut to a year later. Tre has been fuming, and it’s a pandemic, which means extra fuel for the fire. She pops into Goldschneider’s husband’s 46th birthday party—an oddly specific number—and starts telling every human being in sight that he is cheating on Goldschneider with people at the gym. She’s also careful not to say the gender of these alleged “people,” in what is an all-too-predictable scheme. Goldschneider then gets word of it, confronts Tre the next day, and randomly spurts out: “Well I heard that Gia does coke in the bathroom at parties!”

Gia, mind you, is Tre’s then 19-year-old daughter. Yikes!

Now, Gia, Tre, and their mutual business manager, maybe, have responded. On Instagram no less! Here’s the post that both Gia and her mother shared on their respective profiles:

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tre INSISTED that Goldschneider must be stupid, for all her talk about being a lawyer. The Goldschneider lashed back in a separate interview with US Weekly: “I wasn’t starting a rumor about Gia. I was giving an analogy.”

Tre is wretched. On this, Goldschneider and I agree. But I do think there is a slight logical leap from “your husband fucks randoms at the gym” to “your barely adult daughter snorts coke off toilets at Rutgers.”

Thanks for an exciting start to the season, though!

Jason Sudeikis will NOT move on from Olivia Wilde. Well, maybe. But not right now!

Tipsters tell ET that apparently he “is not ready to move into any relationships right now” for the foreseeable future after his wife predictably left him for Harry Styles. Well, she hasn’t explicitly said that’s what happened, but she and Sudeikis only just split in November, and now Styles is moving in. I’m just connecting the dots!

Of the two lovebirds, another source tells ET, that “even in the days since” their movie wrapped, “they’re still spending all their time together.” Hey! At least Sudeikis now has a blueprint for what “moving on” looks like. [ET]

Tessica Brown updates: She’s doing fine!

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