A Small Tribute To Bad Yearbook Photos


Because everyone has one, readers are submitting their personal traumas to the Bad Yearbook Photos blog. Here are some highlights, complete with the photographed victim’s commentary.

“I wore that koala shirt three yearbook photos in a row.”

(via Alison Agosti)

“It was 2001 and I crimped my hair. Why?”

(via Emily)

“14 years old. Sullen. Obsessed with Nirvana. Dared to brush hair over eye during annual school photo. Very angry photographer who insisted there would be no retakes afterwards, regardless of how hard I begged.”

(via Sarah)

“Creepy Creepy Mirror Photo Taken in Fifth Grade, Sandy Utah, 1988.”

(via leighanndufurrena)

“Stiff hair and yellow eye shadow – must be the 1980’s.”

“I was actually proud that this, my senior picture, was so different from everybody else’s. Now I just wonder if everybody will ask how the epilepsy is going at reunions.”

“One of my senior photos. I had a few taken in my Gunne Sax dress (bleah) and then changed into my preferred gear. Heh – that was 1983 and I thought I was so cool!”

“I ran out of thread…”

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