A Very French Trailer for Lesbian Romance Blue Is the Warmest Color [NSFW]


Here’s the very first (barely NSFW and entirely French) trailer for Blue Is the Warmest Color, the coming-of-age, lesbian romance that won the Palm d’Or at Cannes (but that won’t, thanks to some silly rules about release dates, be able to compete for a foreign language Oscar). If you don’t speak French because you spent too much time getting stoned and watching kung fu movies in high school and not enough time conjugating verbs, you can basically get the gist — a young French woman with long hair embarks on a tumultuous relationship with an older woman with short, blue hair. They experience some discrimination. The blue-haired woman paints dirty French pictures. They yell at each other (in French).

It’s all very compelling, but, if you’re too anxious about missing the trailer’s nuance (or just looking for a laugh), click the “CC” button on the bottom of your YouTube bar and prepared to be amused by a comically stilted English translation of the proceedings.

via The Film Stage

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