Addison Rae Banned, Then Unbanned From TikTok in One Thrilling Evening

It's almost as if nothing matters anymore and we're stuck in the Tiktok matrix

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Addison Rae Banned, Then Unbanned From TikTok in One Thrilling Evening
Image:Vittorio Zunino (Getty Images)

Addison Rae, who I am told by the youth is an internet-famous gal of this current generation, was banned from TikTok on Thursday night, her main food source for the fame monster. Rae tweeted about getting banned by writing, “Well time to get a job,” which is supposed to be a joke because TikTok is her job. Get it? Me neither. Jobs usually require some sort of skill set or capability…actually never mind.

Anywho, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Rae was back on TikTok by Friday morning although she has not posted anything new on her account. This must be difficult for her fans. How will they survive until this culture vulture finds something worthy enough to be made into one of her little videos? Probably by watching her terrible remake of She’s All That in an endless loop.

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